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Clothes donations give warm fuzzy feeling

Pestalozzi students give thumbs up to donated clothes
Photo: Pestalozzi students give a thumbs up to their donated winter wear.

Justin and Louis get rugged up
Photo: Justin Mushitu (Zambia) and Louis Kus (Belize) get rugged up.

27 January 2014

Pestalozzi has received an overwhelming response to our winter clothes appeal, with people from across East Sussex and Kent donating items worth almost £1500 including coats, boots, gloves, hats and scarves.

Pestalozzi students, who come from disadvantaged communities in Africa, Asia and South America, are delighted with their new outfits. Justin Mushitu from Zambia says, "I need the clothes to keep warm – I am from a very hot country! As a teenager, the clothes I wear can also make it easier for me to fit into my new society. In this complete opposite and foreign land, far from home, receiving these clothes makes me extremely happy – I feel like part of a bigger community. My favourite items are the gloves because the cold can be really painful sometimes.”

The appeal, which was supported with coverage in the Battle Observer and on Arrow FM, also helped raise awareness of the charity in the region. "The response to our appeal has been astonishing,” says Pestalozzi’s Marketing Officer, Jonathan Williams. "We’ve had everyone from school groups to grandparents and business owners bringing in warm clothes – some all the way from Tonbridge and Eastbourne. It’s very heartening for our students, as the generosity shown by the community helps to welcome them to the UK. We’d like to thank everyone who has donated, as well as the local media who have helped us with the appeal.”

We will continue to stave off the cold winter weather with our continuing series of cultural events, to which the public are warmly invited. The next event is our Ugandan Cultural Evening on Thursday 20 February.