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Changing [My] Perspective

'Inspiring, heart-touching and utterly real' - Supporter David Klein is taken by the student's photographs.

Zambian student Theresa Ng'andu and CEO Susan Walton with The High Sheriff of East Sussex, Christopher Gebbie OBE.

Shuvechchha Ghimire, from Nepal, pictured with Fundraising Assistant Emilie Suggitt. 

Over 100 people attended to admire the artwork.
10 November 2014

Between the Towner Gallery’s striking white walls, over one hundred international stories were told, through the medium of photography.

The Towner Gallery in Eastbourne was host to a one night only, exclusive Pestalozzi photographic exhibition - ‘Changing [My] Perspective’ which was organised as a showcase for the work of our students. 

The High Sheriff of East Sussex, Christopher Gebbie OBE, gave an address, praising both the Pestalozzi scholars and the exhibition as a whole. ‘It has been a truly engaging and educational event; the images by the students are fascinating, giving a wonderful insight into their countries and cultures’ he said.

Sue Walton, CEO at Pestalozzi, explains that the exhibition was inspired from seeing ‘summer snapshots’ from the Pestalozzi student’s time back in their home countries, where the images told a story that would be hard to express in words. ‘Changing [My] Perspective was a way to explore some global perspectives through a multicultural lens.’

The images used within the exhibition were contributed by our staff, students, alumni and supporters. They both challenged and reflected upon cultural assumptions, values and expectations of the world around us.

Photojournalist Mitja Rietbrock noted in his foreword to the exhibition catalogue, ‘The young photographers exhibited in this exhibition have one thing in common; their life has changed, thanks to Pestalozzi, and so have their perspectives of life. Their different views on their present and former lives are reflected throughout this exhibition. As they all pursue their different paths, possibly continuing to take photos, they might sooner or later come to the same conclusion that I did some years ago about how to take a good photo: A good picture is a picture taken first by the heart and then by the camera.’

Many of those that attended were newcomers to Pestalozzi. ‘Pestalozzi has inspired my head, heart and hands with their cause, I hope they will continue to do so with myself and many others,’ said new supporter Cara Pepper. ‘It was a lovely evening of inspiring art.’

We would like to thank our guests, supporters, participating artists and all those who enabled Changing [My] Perspective to be an evening of excellence.