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Triple youth award win for Pestalozzi

Pestalozzi members of Students for a Free Tibet, pictured with The Mayor of Hastings.

President of SFT, Tenzin Dophen. 

Second year Pestalozzi students with their award for the cultural evening programme.
18 November 2014

This weekend provided reason to celebrate, with our students winning three Hastings Youth Awards on Sunday.

Nominated students attended the awards held at Sussex Coast College Hastings, where they were presented with their certificates by the Mayor of Hastings, Cllr Bruce Dowling. Fellow Pestalozzi first year scholars were also invited to perform the Michael Jackson hit ‘Heal the World’ for the audience.

Tibetan student Tenzin Dophen won his award for his active participation with the campaigning organisation Students for a Free Tibet and the group as a whole were also commended with a second award. 

Dophen, who is President of Pestalozzi’s Students for a Free Tibet described the accolade as a ‘huge moment’ for the group.

"I personally feel it is very encouraging and motivational to be recognised in Hastings for our work to spread awareness about the plight of Tibetans living in Tibet. I was really glad to see the support from the Hastings locals and also lots of cultures and talents represented by our friends in Pestalozzi and the youth of Hastings in the award ceremony. Together, we strive to create a better world through mutual understanding and respect amongst people from different backgrounds and cultures” he said. 

Students for a Free Tibet hold weekly meetings every Sunday to discuss the Tibetan issue and create awareness of global human rights issues.

The final award was given to second year Pestalozzi scholars, for their contribution to society through the Pestalozzi cultural evening programme. This is currently in its third year of events and has proven to be a hugely successful and enjoyable way to celebrate diversity and international relations within the community. 

For those wishing to attend one of our inspirational cultural evenings, a full schedule can be found here or you can call 01424 870444 for more information.