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Success for Pestalozzi IB Graduates

Celebrations are in order as the 2015 International Baccalaureate results are revealed!

Pestalozzi Class of 2015
Pestalozzi staff, students and supporters celebrate their academic success after the International Baccalaureate Diploma results were announced on Monday 6th July.

Pestalozzi’s students have improved their results yet again this year with an average score of 34.23, up from 33.21% in 2014.

The top three highest grades were achieved by Prabha Upreti, Sandra Batakana and Shuvechchha Ghimire.

Nepalese Student, Prabha Upreti, obtained the highest mark with a fantastic 40 out of a possible 45. Before Pestalozzi, Prabha had lived in a hostel for 8 years while studying. However her family were unable to support her into further education. She discovered Pestalozzi and in 2013 was offered a Pestalozzi Scholarship. Prabha commented "Throughout my two years at Pestalozzi I have learnt to acknowledge my family, cultural background and the opportunity provided by Pestalozzi. I am now able to recognise that I have a bright future ahead of me which would not have been possible with the limited resources available in Nepal”. She added "Coming back to my home country, Nepal, which is yet to recover from the unfortunate earthquake, I have come to realise the difference a single person can make in our society if given opportunities like Pestalozzi’s”. Prabha has been offered a scholarship at Princeton University in the United States to study for a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics.

Mayor of Hastings, Cllr Bruce Dowling, who attended the Pestalozzi Leaver’s Ceremony in June said "I am really impressed at the students’ high standard of work. It is a pleasure to see this community so close to Hastings helping to bring a higher standard of education to some of our less fortunate neighbours in the world”.

Susan Walton, CEO of Pestalozzi said "These results are a real credit to the hard work of the students, the supporting staff at Pestalozzi and the teaching body at Sussex Coast College, Hastings. It is a privilege and a pleasure to be part of the team that enables these young people to go on to make significant differences in the world.”

To follow the progress of the Pestalozzi graduates please check our blogs and success stories which are updated regularly.

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