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Nominate Pestalozzi for Sainsbury's Local Charity scheme

Thank you for your support! (Pratiksha from Nepal)2 May 2013

Every year, Sainsbury’s stores partner with a local charity to support them through fundraising and volunteering. This year, we’d love you to nominate Pestalozzi!

Why should Pestalozzi be Sainsbury’s local charity of the year?

Good question! Here are just a few reasons we think we're worthy of support:

  • Because we offer life-changing scholarships to disadvantaged students, helping them fulfill their potential and inspiring them to make a difference in the world.

  • Because Pestalozzi doesn’t just provide money for scholarships, we help educate the whole person – their head, heart and hands.

  • Because Pestalozzi students volunteer in local villages and towns in our corner of East Sussex, spending quality time with elderly people in care homes, lending a helping hand to residents, putting on exciting performances and informative presentations for families, and sharing their inspirational stories.

  • Because Pestalozzi brings global perspectives to local schools all over East Sussex, reaching across the boundaries of culture, faith and nationality to enrich students’ understanding of world issues and help our local community embrace diversity.

And last but not least, you should think of nominating us because without your support we couldn’t go on doing the wonderful work we do.

Place your nominations by Wednesday 15 May. Pick up a nomination form in your local Sainsbury’s store or download the PDF here. Thank you!