Top results for Pestalozzi students

12 July 2013

Students celebrating their graduationThe 2013 International Baccalaureate results are out, and Pestalozzi is delighted to announce that all 26 of our graduating students have passed, most with marks well above the international average.

With 45 being the ‘perfect’ IB result, Pestalozzi students averaged 34.62, well above this year’s international IB average of 29.81. Five students received exceptional results of 40 and above. Pestalozzi’s class of 2013 has attained a 100% pass rate, compared to the international average of 78.54%.

Kishore Chandra Patra at SCCHMags Alexander, Student Programme Manager at Pestalozzi, said, "We are very pleased for all of the individual students concerned. Their hard work and dedication is evident, as is the support the students have received from their teachers at Sussex Coast College Hastings and from Pestalozzi’s volunteer tutors. These results are a testament to our students’ exceptional abilities and determination to succeed.”

Steve Watters, IB Coordinator at Sussex Coast College Hastings commented, "This year, our IB results were of a very high standard. Within the excellent results, Pestalozzi has produced some of the best results we’ve ever had. Amongst some of the successes were Kishore Chandra Patra (pictured) and Surya Tripathi who both gained 43/45. This is testament to the hard work of the students, teaching staff at SCCH and staff at Pestalozzi.” Kishore was also recently presented with SCCH’s International Student of the Year award.

The IB results come as Pestalozzi graduates leave the UK to pursue the next stages in their lives. Eight will go straight on to fully funded scholarships at prestigious international universities, while the remainder are taking gap years to pursue volunteer and work placements in their home communities. We wish them all well.

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