Enjoy a three course meal and raise money for Pestalozzi

28 August 2013

Would you like to enjoy a lovely meal at the London Beach Country Hotel in Tenterden, whilst raising money for Pestalozzi?

It’s as easy as this:

  • Book a table for four or more at the London Beach Country Hotel, for a three course Sunday lunch by ringing 01580 766279 and ask to take advantage of their charity scheme in aid of Pestalozzi.
  • Go to the luxurious London Beach Country Hotel, situated just two minutes from the historic market town of Tenterden in the heart of the weald of Kent with its many beautiful gardens and enjoy the most exquisite cuisine.
  • Before you leave, remember to pay for it (important!) and Pestalozzi will get a cheque for the total cost of the meal (excluding drinks).

For example, if a group of six people had a three course lunch, you would book, remembering to state that you were part of the charity scheme in aid of Pestalozzi, pay the £25 per head plus drinks after your meal and Pestalozzi would receive 100% of the food cost (£150).

You will enjoy a top quality culinary experience while raising money to help Pestalozzi continue to inspire young people to make a difference in the world.

Too good to be true? No!

The owners of London Beach were born and raised in Zambia and they retain numerous business and personal links to the country and to the Continent as a whole. They are always keen to help any charity fundraising activities orientated towards Central and Sub-Saharan Africa.

London Beach Country Hotel have already raised over £70,000 for charities... can you help Pestalozzi be one of those?

Inspiring young people to make a difference in the world.