Introducing our Indonesian students

Yanti and Roseline
Yanti (left) and Roseline both love biology and have chosen to study it as part of their Enhanced A Level study programme.

Roseline and Prabha
Roseline with IB2 student, Prabha from Nepal, at the Best of British party!
Welcome to Pestalozzi
Both girls came to Pestalozzi with Rentauli, a representative from the DEL foundation where Yanti and Roseline previously attended school.
Yanti and Dawa
Yanti and Dawa from Bhutan, in the woods under a self built debris shelter.
New Pestalozzi friends
The girls are settling in and making loads of new friends from all over the world!
11 September 2014

This year held host to another Pestalozzi first, as two Indonesian students arrived to embark on life in our multi-cultural, multi faith community.

Both girls are from the Batak community within Indonesia, with Roseline Simanjuntak coming from the city in West Java and Yanti Manurung being a countryside girl from North Sumatra. Luckily though, both enjoy the peace and quiet of their current Sedlescombe surroundings. Being keen lovers of biology, both Roseline and Yanti are excited about the educational opportunity that their scholarship with Pestalozzi provides – and also about the chance to learn how to play a musical instrument!

We asked them a few questions after they had settled in, to get to know them a little better:

  • Tell us three facts about yourself…

Yanti: 1: I love biology so much. For me, reading biology books is the best activity during my spare time. 2: I want to be a surgeon or doctor. 3: I like telling jokes to make my friends laugh.

  • How did you feel when you found out you had a Pestalozzi scholarship?

Roseline: I was extremely grateful about it. Having a chance to study abroad and meet people from all over the world is like a dream come true. I’ll meet people with different backgrounds, different cultures, different values, which can make me more open minded.

  • What are you most looking forward to during your time at Pestalozzi?

Yanti: I want to make a good relationship with all people, especially those at Pestalozzi. I know I will learn many things from them. I also want to do my best in order to achieve a good mark in my studies.

  • How do you hope to use your education in the future? What are your aspirations?

Roseline: There are so many industries built in my country over the last few years and many of them are large scale industries. From an economic point of view, it is an improvement for Indonesia because large scale industries need a huge number of workers which contributes to reducing unemployment. Unfortunately, most of the industries have fewer concerns about their waste and the impact of it for the environment. I hope with the knowledge I have, especially in biology, I can meet this challenge and protect Indonesia’s environment.

  • What has been your favourite Pestalozzi moment so far?

Yanti: The Best of British party! It was very funny. I saw people dance and laugh and was feeling so happy. Actually, it was the first time I danced in front of many people at a party. I was not afraid people would think I am crazy, however, they are my family.

Roseline: The team building activity in the forest near Pestalozzi. It was amazing to see all of the students and staff work together to achieve a goal and how they really enjoy every single moment of their togetherness.

  • How would you describe Pestalozzi in three words?

Yanti: Home, happiness and hilarity.

Roseline: Inspiring, fun and family.

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