The Best of British

The students were strutting their stuff to British music.

Apple bobbing proved to be a soggy situation for some.

Even Tony Blair made an appearance!

Musical chairs: A British party classic.

Prabha gets in the swing of things with some John Lennon inspired attire.
23 September 2014

To introduce our new Pestalozzi student intake to Britain, our student programme team thought there was no better way than to host a Best of British party. This included classic party games like musical chairs, platefuls of jelly and lots of red, white and blue clothing!

Following all the fun, we asked our first year students what they thought the best things about Britain are:

  • The way people conduct themselves, great technological advancement and the cool weather. Marshal Mugwagwa - Zimbabwe

  • The public transportation is very comfortable and very affordable and there is no trash. Roseline Simanjuntak - Indonesia

  • The UK is really green and that is so amazing because it really reminds me of Uganda. The air is so refreshing and the British people are just so welcoming. They are always smiling. Ritah Nabaggala - Uganda

  • Traffic rules and people's courtesy. Dipin Bishwakarma - Nepal

  • The most interesting thing which awed me was the people here in the UK. They are so very friendly and the use of ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’ whilst communicating is really fantastic. Sonam Choden – Bhutan

  • People are so polite; they often say please and sorry. Marvin Mulima - Uganda

  • I really like the way the British smile while talking. Sonam Wangdi - Bhutan

  • The cleanliness of the UK is the main thing that has attracted me so far. I like all the well maintained places of the UK. Aswarthy Manukumar - India

  • At Pestalozzi there’s a multicultural community, working together despite our differences. Tenzin Yangkey - Tibet

  • I love the UK. It is extremely clean. I never see people littering here and there. I also love the old (very old) buildings. There are so many hundred year old buildings and they look awesome! Yanti Manurung - Indonesia

  • The UK is technologically developed but the environment is still very clean and green. Chhiring Lama - Nepal

  • Everyone is friendly and the degree of organisation is high. On arrival I expected to see snow but to my disappointment it was a blissful Friday morning dawn was breaking. Arnold Katende - Uganda

  • The traffic rules and how nicely people follow them! Chok Tsering - Tibet

  • The thing I like most of the UK is the weather. It is cold here and I like living in the cold weather. Priyansh Gupta - India

  • The loyalty and self-esteem of people. Bigyan Babu Regmi - Nepal

  • My first impression of the UK was that people are called by their first name without Sir or Miss. This was strange as it is offensive in my culture. Robert Mukisa - Uganda

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