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Darren at the end of the marathon!

Darren finished his first ever Half Marathon in 2 hours and 20 minutes.

The team had a great time and raised an amazing amount.

Lungten from Bhutan and Washington from Zimbabwe ran the 2014 race.

18 December 2014

For those of you who are already pondering your New Year’s resolution, we have you covered! Why not run the 31st Hastings Half Marathon for Pestalozzi?!

We would love to have more runners join our team! Read all about Fundraising Officer Darren's experience and download your information pack too.

'I made the decision to run the Hastings Half Marathon (my first ever Half Marathon!) when I read about the Pestalozzi students running it in previous years. Their determination; not only to finish the race, but to overcome the many other challenges they have faced throughout their lives inspired me to face a challenge myself.

I started training in January, although I should have probably started a little earlier. However, starting in January gave me enough time to build up my endurance and get my fitness to a level that was suitable for running the marathon.

I found the actual race better than I was expecting! There were obviously times when it was really hard going but the crowds and co runners cheering you on really gave you bursts of energy and determination. The fruit jelly sweets may have helped a little as well!

The hardest part of the course was Queensway, even though it wasn’t that steep it felt like it went on forever because of the length, however once this was defeated the rest of the race was easier to handle.

The best part of the course was the last mile, despite it being probably the second hardest part of the course because energy levels were so low, having people cheering your name or the name of Pestalozzi made you feel like people were really behind you. Seeing my wife waiting for me, clapping and cheering as I crossed the finish line at a time of 2:20 was an overwhelming sensation.

Overall I would say that it was an amazing experience. The best part of the whole race was being part of a team raising money for the young people at Pestalozzi it made every training session, every blister and every aching muscle worth it and that is why I am running it again this year.'

You can download our information for runners PDF here!

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