Once Pestalozzi, Always Pestalozzi

Stacey Amer continues to wear her ladybird badge with pride as she finds ways to help the Pestalozzi students - this time in the form of a £400 grant!

Stacey Amer

Stacey, once the Marketing Officer at Pestalozzi now works for AXA PPP and discovered that the company were running a £400 IT grant for a local charity. Stacey said "I nominated Pestalozzi; I told them that the students’ IT facilities were in desperate need of improvements. A couple of weeks later I received an email to say that Pestalozzi were one of the winning organisations”.

Having access to internet and computers at Pestalozzi is extremely important for the students here; to complete their college work, research and to keep in touch with their families in their home countries, so the grant will go towards some much needed IT improvements. 

The staff and students and Pestalozzi would like to formally thank Stacey Amer and AXA PPP for supporting Pestalozzi International Village Trust, it is very, very, much appreciated!

To find out how you can help Pestalozzi, please read here.

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