Pestalozzi Merchandise

Staff pose for merchandise
Pestalozzi now have a wonderful selection of merchandise for sale!

In stock we have:

  • Ladybird scarves that come in a selection of
    four different colours: brown, blue, grey
    and cream
  • Hand-made red button earrings
  • Ladybird earrings
  • Beautiful enamel ladybird badges
  • Discreet but stylish ladybird tie pins
Tie PinsEnamel Pestalozzi Tie Pin
Pestalozzi scarves

Ladybird Scarves. Size: (approx.) 180cm x 110cm. Material: 100% polyester

Button Earrings

Pestalozzi pin badge

Enamel Ladybird Pin Badge

If you are interested in purchasing any of our merchandise, please contact Gaye Baker on 01424 870444. All of our products will be available to buy at our events.
Every purchase you make will help to support our students.

Inspiring young people to make a difference in the world.