2018 Erasmus + Project

2018 Erasmus+ Project
Pestalozzi has been hosting and co-ordinating ERASMUS+ funded projects for over 10 years.  Formerly called Youth in Action, the current programme offers opportunities for young people to volunteer overseas, mainly in the fields of education, through the new EVS/Youth Mobility Programme. It provides the chance to boost their life experience, improve confidence and skills, meet new friends, and is a good addition to their CV. Objectives can be set at the beginning of each activity of between 2 and 12 months - and their weekly timetable can be filled with tasks of their own selection; leading to the outcomes they hope to achieve.  Everything is reflected in the Youthpass Certificate of achievement (focussing on 8 main competencies) that is recognised by future employers.

For the last five years Pestalozzi has worked with Spanish volunteers and, in particular, with the sending and hosting organization AIPC Pandora. They take part in projects funded by the Anna Lindh foundation and initiate workshops in Spain while supporting training in other countries. They are open to working with any international organizations which oversee projects combining international mobility with informal education, and have over 13 years experience in this field. They work towards equal opportunities, particularly concerning inequality when accessing education, culture and participation in society - and promote international mobility as a means of personal development and intercultural awareness. For further information, send an email to movilidad@aipc-pandora.org

International Internships with ERASMUS+
International internships are popular with graduates, and under-graduates, as they give students an experience of life and customs in a foreign country. Foreign languages are increasingly important in the commercial world, and there is  plenty of opportunity for students to improve their basic knowledge by applying for an international internship.  As well as giving students greater exposure to the global industry, it provides a valuable addition to a professional CV where ‘those’ candidates are often favoured in job applications. Many internships lead to long lasting professional relationships and business networking connections. 

We have had several graduate interns over the last couple of years via Breakaway https://www.breakaway.fr/home  an organization which welcomes French Students to the UK and is based in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

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