Meet the Trustees & Council Members

We have a diverse collection of people who are Trustees or Council Members. All of them have had wide ranging experiences, but above all they all buy into the Pestalozzi ethos which is helping to produce talented young people.

Kendall Beaudry


Kendall became a Trustee of Pestalozzi in January 2017. Kendall studied journalism in the US and politics abroad in South Africa during the first year they permitted international students in. She began her career as a journalist in the US and later moved to Central Europe and then to the Balkans where she worked in publishing and education. She settled in London and worked her way up managing production studios in top national charities. Kendall possesses a diverse portfolio having contributed to national literacy campaigns, developed educational resources for schools, and public health awareness campaigns during which time she project managed the largest corporate charity partnership in UK history. Most recently she has overseen global human rights creative campaigns at Amnesty International. She gained a MA in Sociology from Goldsmiths where she studied World Cities and Urban Life, exploring inventive research methods and critical engagement of regeneration, planning, cultural intervention and invisible economies. She is a qualified Project Manager. Kendall lives in St Leonards-on-Sea with her partner and baby boy.

Abdul Nassir Farraj


Abdul-Nassir became a Trustee of the Pestalozzi International Village Trust in 2015, having been one of the fortunate students to be selected by the Trust to complete their education in the UK. Nassir will always recall the morning he left his family in the Jalazone Refugee Camp in the Occupied Palestinian Territories on 24th January, 1977 and landing in Pestalozzi in the afternoon knowing only a handful of English words, the experience since then was not only an eye opener, it was the beginning of a journey that would transfer his life and those around him. He recalls: the opportunity granted to me by the PIVT, not only changed my life for the better, it taught me positive values of tolerance, mutual respect, hard work, empathy, professionalism and much more. I will always treasure the values that came with my life at Pestalozzi, and share them with my family, friends and in my professional life. As I reflect back, on my luck and privilege to have had this opportunity of a good education and to escape a guaranteed life of hardship, I think of all the hundreds of millions of children across the developing world who just need such an opportunity to excel and realize their dreams of a better future. Nassir completed his schooling in Claverham and Bexhill Colleges, undergraduates and postgraduates studies in London. As soon as he completed his MSc. Nassir returned to Palestine to work in international development. Over the past 25 years his professional career has also taken him to Azerbaijan, Belize, Jordan, Egypt and number of other countries, working for NGOs and charities including: the British Council, Global Communities and Save the Children in leadership roles. He recently returned to the UK, to ensure a more solid education for his children, just as he was fortunate enough to be granted the Pestalozzi scholarship. His passion and commitment to equity and empowerment of vulnerable people stems from his early life in the refugee camp and growing up at the Pestalozzi Village.

Prof. Stuart Laing


With an impressive background in education, trustee, Stuart Laing, hopes he can make an impact for further Pestalozzi opportunities within British universities. Stuart said: 'I have recently retired from over forty years of working in Sussex universities, which is how I became involved with Pestalozzi. I was assigned to lead the initial discussions between the University of Brighton and Pestalozzi regarding the possibility of scholarships and this resulted in the successful scholarship scheme that is in place today.I hope that my knowledge and experience in these areas can assist in opening up some further scholarship schemes in English universities. I am very much looking forward to learning many new things from my fellow trustees and from the students, too. I admire that despite the challenging financial situation, Pestalozzi has always embodied great optimism in the values of education and in the development of mutual understanding as a solution to our global problems. To be able to share in this will be a great privilege.

Richard Meade


Richard became a Pestalozzi Trustee in January 2011, having retired after a career spanning more than 20 years with BICC plc (now Balfour Beatty) where he held various senior Internal Audit and IT Systems Development roles within Head Office and their international operations. Prior to this he had Financial Controllership roles and Management Consultancy experience within Accenture. After being a Trustee for five years, Richard is now serving as a council member. Since retirement, Richard has been Director of an International Development NGO, which has taken him to various African countries, and a Director and Trustee of a major Housing Association. He has also been intimately involved with a number of other local charities. Richard and his wife live near the Pestalozzi Village and they have been a Host Family for Pestalozzi students since 2007.

Dan Bennett

Council Member

I have been involved with Pestalozzi since 2010 when I first led a joint project between Pestalozzi and the University of Brighton that focused on developing Pestalozzi's marketing and alumni relationship strategy. I have been a Council Member since 2012. I am currently a Principal Lecturer in marketing and public relations at the University of Brighton and have a keen interest in working with the non-profit sector. For the last two years, I have been mentoring student groups who undertake PR project work for Pestalozzi and continue to advise on, and help develop, Pestalozzi's marketing strategy. I am a firm believer that education goes beyond the individual and has a broader role to play in an increasingly globalised society. Pestalozzi offers life changing opportunities to students who demonstrate the potential to make a difference and I am committed to increasing access to education as a solution to a number of the global, economic and social challenges that we face in the world today.

Graham Card

Council Member

Graham Card, MIEx (Grad) ABFA dip A Inst IB Cert PFS CeMAP FRGS. Graham has been a Trustee of Pestalozzi International Village Trust since 2010. He is a graduate of the Institute of Export, holds the diploma of the Asset Based Finance Association and is a member of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers. He has spent his working life in UK and international trade and commercial trade finance. His core experience is in supply chain and logistics together with sales and sourcing of the most appropriate finance facilities for UK as well as import and export situations. Graham sources financial solutions for businesses experiencing issues with cash flow caused by payment delays or doubts about the credit worthiness of debtors in the UK or overseas. Many international trading companies retain Graham as an external source of advice and assistance. In some cases outsourcing part of the international trade function to him. Graham and his wife are also a Pestalozzi host family.

Spencer Endersby

Council member

Spencer Endersby - CEng, CITP. Spencer became a Trustee of Pestalozzi International Village Trust in January 2015 and is now Vice Chair. He previously lived in Sedlescombe and attended Claverham Community College; along with former students of the Pestalozzi Village, so is very familiar with its principle of educating the "Head, Heart & Hands". Spencer currently works for the International NGO "Save the Children UK" based in London, where he heads up the Programmes & Partnerships practice. He has always had a passion for lifelong learning, and prior to that he worked for "City & Guilds of London Institute”, where he was accountable for the delivery of IT programmes and projects to support the organisation's vocational education strategy.

Martyn Forster

Council Member

Martyn was a Trustee of Pestalozzi International Village Trust from 2009 - 2016 and is now a Council Member. A science teacher and Trustee of St Mary's Wrestwood Trust, Bexhill, Martyn retired from teaching in 2007. He was elected County Councillor for Bexhill East in 2005, and a District Councillor for St Michael's ward in Rother in 2007. Although he has now retired from politics Martyn maintains a keen interest in education.

Dr. Sally Henderson

Council Member

Sally became a Trustee of Pestalozzi International Village Trust in 2012 and after four years is now a member of council. As a local resident with an interest in education I have been involved with Pestalozzi for over ten years. My initial connection was through a neighbour, Richard Maidment, who was a Trustee at the time. I took over the running of Pestalozzi’s annual fundraising tennis tournament in 2005 and I have also helped Rosie Clarke, Penny Hamilton and Jane Pennock with our major London fundraising events. A native of Northern Ireland, Sally was educated at the University of London, taking her PhD in Biochemistry in 1979. Fifteen years of research into kidney diseases at Queen Elizabeth College (now part of King’s College) followed, before she moved to Sussex when her husband was appointed as a consultant rheumatologist at the Conquest Hospital. Sally has maintained her links with King’s College as chairman of the Queen Elizabeth College Alumni Association. She is also treasurer of the local branch of the National Osteoporosis Society. Her other interests include tennis (she is Chair of the Sedlescombe Lawn Tennis Club), maths coaching and, of course, Pestalozzi.

Daxa Patel

Council Member

2013 to Present
We, Friends of Pestalozzi, Isle of Man have been holding a fundraiser since 1971! 
I was introduced to the charity in 1999 when I came to the island, and joined the committee in 2003. I was Chairperson from 2005 -2015, and am still a committee member.  
In 2014, I became Council of Trustee to PIVT. About myself, I hold a degree in Economics. I have worked at British Telecom (BT), setting up the 0800 numbers and then Financial Times (FT) as Project Manager. I retired from the FT in 1995 to bring up our children. Plus I am an Iyengar inspired yoga teacher. 
We have four children and my Husband, Manoj, is a Company Secretary. When we have our annual function, we like to get a Pestalozzi student to attend so our guests see where their ticket money / donations are going. 
I was born in Uganda and I know my life would be very different had we not come to England, and thus this opportunity we give the young students from developing countries is the greatest opportunity to affect change.
It’s a long term investment and Pestalozzi provides this essential bridge so  their education will continue.

Jane Pennock

Council Member

Jane was a Pestalozzi Trustee from 2004-2013. She has a Diploma in Social Studies from Trinity College Dublin, a Diploma in Medical Social Work and a Diploma in Counselling from the Westminster Pastoral Foundation. From 1967 to 1969, Jane worked as the Medical Social Worker to the Radiotherapy and Paediatric Departments at the Westminster Hospital, London. Whilst bringing up four children, she was Chair of her local branch of the NSPCC which was successful in substantial fundraising. In 1991, Jane returned to counselling at St. Michael’s Hospice and Cranehurst surgery, Cranbrook. She has also counselled young people at Benenden, Claremont and Vinehall schools. Jane is now a Supervisor of Bereavement Counsellors at St. Michael’s Hospice and continues in private practice.

Graham Peters

Council Member

Alex Whittington

Council Member

Inspiring young people to make a difference in the world.