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June Work Experience

After their final IB exams, students have the opportunity to do a week of work experience within an industry of their choice. We will be collecting some student testimonies here!

Aldrin Shumba

Chase Vets, St. Leonards on the Sea (2013)

Aldrin at Chase VetsI chose to do my work experience with a veterinary surgery because of my interest to learn about the animal anatomy and the overall treatment of animals by different people. The vets and nurses at Chase invested a lot of time and effort explaining their conduct with animals and this gave me an insight into different species of animals. The vet doctors are very humble and frequently suggested making me some coffee and biscuits.

As a work experience placement, places like surgeries which involve saving lives often require you to stand far off, to observe but not to touch the animals. I was fortunate, because on the second day of my work experience the vet decided to bring me closer to the animals. I helped the vet by holding the animals whilst an operation was being done and by recording various images from the ultrasound scanner. I was also invited to watch the x-ray images and to give the opinion of my observation. During the afternoon I volunteered to mop the floors in the operating theatre and the reception area.

I was also doing an investigation of the social relations between pet animals and their owners, comparing them to my own home country. In Zimbabwe, people tend to regard dogs as guards for protection and cats as mouse-catchers - not personally as close pets. I used my knowledge to think about how economics might determine and influence the social relations between animals and people. In developing countries like mine, people live under minimum incomes so they tend to spend their money on household goods rather than on securing the health of animals. This might be the reason there are many more street cats and dogs in Zimbabwe than in the UK. If possible in future I would to take the initiative of securing the health and care of such street animals in my country through starting up a non-profit making organisation.