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Campaign for an HIV-free generation

In 2009, Pestalozzi students Claudius Sibanda, Nickolet Ncube, Kenneth Lumbia, Lwanga Bwalya and Emman Kabaghe made a film to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS in the UK. The video appeared on ‘Meridian Tonight’ in May 2009 as part of ITV Fixers. ITV Fixers is the regional news strand that challenges young people to do something about an issue they care about.

These Pestalozzi students campaigned for an HIV-free generation because they were concerned that young people in the UK had become complacent about the risk of contracting HIV. "Our ITV Fixers project is to make a film about the ignorance and misconceptions about HIV that people have both here in the UK and in our home countries,” said Claudius. "In Africa, HIV is a huge problem. Seven out of ten children have had either one of their parents passed away from the disease. It is said that if you’re not infected with HIV, you’re affected by it.”

Nickolet and Claudius have both lost relatives to HIV AIDS and they believed that the problem in Zimbabwe is mainly due to a lack of funding for medication. "There can be a 10-month wait for the drugs and some people don’t live that long,” said Nickolet. "Here in the UK, young people know about the disease but they don’t think they can get it. They think it’s for third world countries. It’s something we should all be concerned about. If we start to act responsibly now we can achieve our aim of an HIV-free generation.”

Watch the video on the old ITV Fixers website.