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Country case study: Belize

Rudolph and Daniel from BelizeIn 2012, Rudolph and Daniel were Pestalozzi’s first ever students to come from Belize.  Pestalozzi had never recruited students from the Americas before, so our Belizean students add further cultural diversity to our truly international Village.

Students in Belize are taught in English, and the education system and curriculum is similar to that of the UK. This means the Belizean students who come to Pestalozzi are able to cope with the demands of the International Baccalaureate diploma.

In Belize, the drop-out rate for students post-O’Level standard is very high due to a lack of access to educational institutions and the rising cost of education. Only 1 in 20 Belizeans from disadvantaged backgrounds complete their schooling. Completion rates are higher in wealthier North Belize than poorer and more rural South Belize, where rates of student enrolment are well below the national average.

Pestalozzi was given the opportunity to work with two reliable partners in South Belize. These partners have access to young people in need of educational scholarship and Pestalozzi is able to reach out to these students and make a positive difference in their lives.

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