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Partner organisations


These organisations assist, or have assisted, us with student recruitment in 2010-2016.

  • Hali Access Network - Pestalozzi is part of the Hali Access Network of organizations in Africa that work with high-achieving, low-income (HALI) students to access higher education opportunities
 Hali Access Network








Volunteer Placement Organisations
  • ERASMUS+ - Erasmus+ is the European Union programme for education, training, youth and sport. It runs for seven years, from 2014 to 2020, with organisations invited to apply for funding each year to undertake creative and worthwhile activities. Pestalozzi have been supported by ERASMUS+ since they took over from the original EVS programme (Youth in Action) which ran from 2007 – 2013, and which has funded the recruitment of over 10 of our European volunteers. 
  • The National Agency - To bring Erasmus+ as close as possible to the participants and make sure it works well across different countries, the EU works with National Agencies to manage the programme. The National Agency for UK projects is The British Council, in partnership with Ecorys UK.
  • AIPC Pandora - AIPC Pandora is a community of over 4,000 people who have lived transformative international experiences with local communities in all 49 countries where they operate. Their focus has been on international mobility programmes (such as ERASMUS+) since 2002, supporting education, intercultural and employability projects. They work on the three phases of the participation cycle which are: learning, action, transformation.


Universities that offer scholarships to Pestalozzi students.

Clubs and societies

These groups raise funds to support our students scholarships, for which we are very grateful.