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Pestalozzi Centre

What is the Pestalozzi Centre?

The Pestalozzi Centre is a new building that will provide a high-quality meeting learning and teaching space for our students.

Pestalozzi Centre

Why is it needed?

Our students are at the heart of everything we do. Many of our current facilities, constructed with great enthusiasm in the 1960s by students and volunteers, have reached the end of their lives. We now need a new building, designed for 21st century educational use.

When not in use by our students, we will encourage other charities and local organisations to make use of the space.



How much has it cost?

In total, the Pestalozzi Centre cost £1.06 million. This includes the build itself, demolition of the older buildings, landscaping and professional fees.


How was the money raised?

We had £300,000 of our own funds, raised from the sale of a parcel of our land. Our major benefactor, the Grieg Foundation, provided us with a generous, interest-free loan of £400,000. We also received another £170,000 from a trust in December 2013.


How much more does Pestalozzi need?

We have a funding shortfall of £190,000 that we are currently covering from our limited reserves. We would like to secure sufficient funds to cover this and to equip the Centre with an appropriate sound system, chairs and tables. The target we are now aiming for is £250,000.



How can I contribute?

You can make a general donation to Pestalozzi online, or you can call us on 01424 870444 if you would like to donate specifically to the Pestalozzi Centre campaign.Thank you in advance for your help!


What’s the latest news?

The building work is now complete. The electrics have been fitted. Soil has been laid and seeds sown for the grass to grow back around the building.The Centre is now officially open!