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Student Recruitment

Students arrive at the airport, 2012

Selection day in Zambia 2012

Selection day in Uganda 2012

How do we select students for our Pestalozzi scholarships?

Our rigorous recruitment process (which we call 'selection') involves in-depth research into specific countries, the formation of robust partnerships with organisations in each country, and the assessment of students themselves.

Partner countries

We currently select students (aged around 16-19) from Belize, Bhutan, India, Indonesia, Nepal, the Tibetan communities in exile, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Partner organisations

We work with a number of partner organisations in each country to find suitable candidates for our scholarships. These partners include respected and trusted NGOs, schools, development agencies and government bodies. We work closely with these partners to make sure they understand what we are looking for in our students.We rely on their professional skills, experience, knowledge and dedication to assist with identifying young people from low income backgrounds who are in need of further educational opportunities. Our partners help candidates prepare for the exams and interviews they must undertake as part of the Pestalozzi selection process.

We are constantly exploring possibilities for partnerships and development in every country we work with. We do this to ensure our selection process is thorough and transparent, reaching those most in need of educational opportunities. This research also helps create more and better opportunities for our potential and current students.

Student recruitment

Every year, members of Pestalozzi’s Student Programme team travel to our partner countries for selection. We conduct personal interviews and the students also sit exams in English, maths and science. Pestalozzi is very clear about our student selection criteria (see below). We take into consideration each student’s age, academic ability and potential, financial situation, social circumstances and commitment to making a positive difference to people in their home communities.

For further information regarding partnerships and selection processes please contact Mags Alexander on

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