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Gifts in Kind

Our students camping
Our students love to camp on the estate, but that tent is unlikely to keep them warm and dry...
Bottle tombola
Bottle tombolas are one of our favourite ways to raise funds at events!
Winter clothing donations
Our supporters were ace when our students needed winter clothing last year, thank you.
Help us volunteer at events
Spare some time and come and help out at Pestalozzi events.
It’s not just financial donations that make a difference: you can also give gifts in kind. We often rely on the generosity of our supporters so our students can make the most out of their time in the UK. Here are some things we need to find, that you may be able to lend a hand with.
At present, we are looking for donations of:
  • Tents: Our students love to camp on our beautiful estate in Sedlescombe but at the moment we don’t have enough tents for them all to camp out together. This means for some, once they have eaten their toasted marshmallows – it’s back to normality! If you have any spare, unwanted tents hiding in your lofts, sheds or cupboards under the stairs, please donate them to Pestalozzi!
  • Bottles: We often have a bottle tombola at events, to fundraise and have fun at the same time. To do this, we need bottles of all shapes, sizes and varieties for PRIZES. If you have any unwanted and unopened bottles whether they are of wine, bubble bath, sauce or cleaning fluid, we’d love to have them. Any bottles will be used in our upcoming tombolas, so we really do appreciate anything you would like to give (just gives the dates a quick check over before you hand them in!) 
  • Clothes: Wardrobe looking full? Need to have a clear out? Let us take your old clothes off of your hands. Our students come over to live with us with a suitcase of belongings, but sometimes this isn’t enough to cover all occasions…they are teenagers after all! Clothes donated will be sorted through and some may be just what our students need. If not though, they won’t go to waste. They’ll be added to our ‘Rag Bag’, where we recycle clothes, shoes and bed linen. ‘Rag Bag’ textiles are sorted and either sent to countries in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe to provide affordable clothing for poorer families or shredded to use in other items (e.g. as mattress fillers). We receive 40p per kg for these textiles –that’s about £1 per large shopping bag!
  • Time: Think you haven’t got anything to give but want to support Pestalozzi in a different way? Why not become a volunteer? Check our current vacancies here. We really do appreciate all of your help and support!
Please call us on 01424 870444 for more information or to arrange a drop-off for donations. If you’d rather do things the more modern way, email However, if you’re passing by and just want to pop in, our office hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5.30pm.