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Abdul Nassir Farraj

Abdul Nassir

Abdul-Nassir became a Trustee of the Pestalozzi International Village Trust in 2015, having been one of the fortunate students to be selected by the Trust to complete their education in the UK.
Nassir will always recall the morning he left his family in the Jalazone Refugee Camp in the Occupied Palestinian Territories on 24th January, 1977 and landing in Pestalozzi in the afternoon knowing only a handful of English words, the experience since then was not only an eye opener, it was the beginning of a journey that would transfer his life and those around him.
He recalls: the opportunity granted to me by the PIVT, not only changed my life for the better, it taught me positive values of tolerance, mutual respect, hard work, empathy, professionalism and much more. I will always treasure the values that came with my life at Pestalozzi, and share them with my family, friends and in my professional life.  As I reflect back, on my luck and privilege to have had this opportunity of a good education and to escape a guaranteed life of hardship, I think of all the hundreds of millions of children across the developing world who just need such an opportunity to excel and realize their dreams of a better future.

Nassir completed his schooling in Claverham and Bexhill Colleges, undergraduates and postgraduates studies in London.  As soon as he completed his MSc. Nassir returned to Palestine to work in international development.  Over the past 25 years his professional career has also taken him to Azerbaijan, Belize, Jordan, Egypt and number of other countries, working for NGOs and charities including: the British Council, Global Communities and Save the Children in leadership roles.  He recently returned to the UK, to ensure a more solid education for his children, just as he was fortunate enough to be granted the Pestalozzi scholarship.

His passion and commitment to equity and empowerment of vulnerable people stems from his early life in the refugee camp and growing up at the Pestalozzi Village.