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Dan Bennett

Dan BennettI have been involved with Pestalozzi since 2010 when I first led a joint project between Pestalozzi and the University of Brighton that focused on developing Pestalozzi’s marketing and alumni relationship strategy. I have been a Council Member since 2012. 

I am currently a Principal Lecturer in marketing and public relations at the University of Brighton and have a keen interest in working with the non-profit sector. For the last two years, I have been mentoring student groups who undertake PR project work for Pestalozzi and continue to advise on, and help develop, Pestalozzi’s marketing strategy.  

I am a firm believer that education goes beyond the individual and has a broader role to play in an increasingly globalised society. Pestalozzi offers life changing opportunities to students who demonstrate the potential to make a difference and I am committed to increasing access to education as a solution to a number of the global, economic and social challenges that we face in the world today.