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Prof. Stuart Laing

With an impressive background in education, trustee, Stuart Laing, hopes he can make an impact for further Pestalozzi opportunities within British universities.Trustee Stuart Laing

‘I have recently retired from over forty years of working in Sussex universities, which is how I became involved with Pestalozzi. I was assigned to lead the initial discussions between the University of Brighton and Pestalozzi regarding the possibility of scholarships and this resulted in the successful scholarship scheme that is in place today.

I hope that my knowledge and experience in these areas can assist in opening up some further scholarship schemes in English universities. I am very much looking forward to learning many new things from my fellow trustees and from the students, too.

I admire that despite the challenging financial situation, Pestalozzi has always embodied great optimism in the values of education and in the development of mutual understanding as a solution to our global problems. To be able to share in this will be a great privilege.’