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Alumni News

July 2014: New Alumni eBulletin
If you didn't get a copy of this in your email and you're a Pestalozzi graduate from Sedlescombe, please get in touch! Download the PDF.

June 2014: Musa's prestigious graduate placement
Congratulations to Musakanyakombe Munjile (nee Mwape) (2006-2008) on her place on the Pan African Graduate Development Programme. Read her blog post.

June 2014: Ahmadu Sidi visits Pestalozzi
It was fantastic to meet Ahmadu on his impromptu visit to Pestalozzi. He was one of the first intake of Nigerian students, all of whom have returned to Nigeria and become very successful in their chosen fields.

May 2014: Chanda's $10,000 for sustainable transport
Chanda Singoyi (2011-2013) is one of three Bucknell students on a team awarded a $10,000 Projects for Peace grant from philanthropist Kathryn W. Davis. Read more.

Kishore's recommendationMay 2014: Kishore's recommendation
Kishore Patra has spent his gap year at Oaktree International School (read more here). He has received this glowing recommendation (right).

May 2014: Nenani featured on Regis website
Nenani was a student at Pestalozzi from 2007 to 2009. In this interview, he says, "Education is not just about you. It’s about others. What will you do with your learning to impact others?"

April 2014: New Alumni eBulletin
If you didn't get a copy of this in your email and you're a Pestalozzi graduate from Sedlescombe, please get in touch! You can download it here.

February 2014: Laxmi Rajak, Duke cover model
Great to see our alumna Laxmi on the cover of the Duke Magazine, and profiled on page 28. Read more.

January 2014: Subash is a cricket champion!

Subash Poudel (2008-2010) has been recognised as a star of USA college cricket. "In a real sense a leader like Poudel earned the Award (and Penn’s victories) through motivating optimum contributions from his players, rather than his own personal play, though his distinctive martial arts-like bowling action can make him Bruce Lee-like in his effectiveness as a bowler." Read more.

December 2013: Uddhav returns to his project
Uddhav Sharma (2009-2011) will be back in Nepal for a month this winter to work on his project. He says, "This time I'm going with more educational materials like laptops, projector, and printer. I will be conducting computer literacy program." We look forward to an update soon.

December 2013: Yeshi Tsomo graduates
A big congratulations to Yeshi Tsomo (2007-2009), who graduated with a degree in accounting from Berea College, Kentucky this month!

November 2013: Tenzin Tsayang in West Africa
Tsayang (2005-2007) was in West Africa for an investment project focused on sustainable development of the cashew nut industry. "We are investing in increasing cashew processing capacity in Ghana and Benin, we have already helped create hundreds of local jobs and will make more investment in the future," he says.

October 2013: Aldrin Shumba fights for an HIV free generation
Aldrin (2011-2013) is continuing the job he started in the UK back in Zimbabwe - read all about it on the TeachAIDS website!

October 2013: Vladymir Rogov in the San Diego Business Journal
Vladymir has designed a new electrical socket that changes colour to help people track household electricity use. Read the scanned article here.

October 2013: New Alumni E-Bulletin
It's short but sweet, and you can download it here!

August 2013: That's Doctor Mbundi to you!
It was great to see Dr Lubinda Mbundi when he visited Pestalozzi with his family last week. You can read about his recent graduation on the University of Brighton website.

August 2013: A few updates
A message from recent graduate Mainza Sikabanga (2006-2008), an interesting life and career story from Navin Thapa (1980-1990) and a blog post from Claudius Sibanda (2008-2010).

July 2013: Alumni E-Bulletin
It might have seemed a little bit quiet on the Alumni front over the last month, but nothing could be further than the truth! Check out our jam-packed Pestalozzi Alumni E-Bulletin for updates. Are you an alumnus and haven't received your copy? We might not have your email address - let us know at

June 2013: Tracy Makuvire
Congratulations on your graduation, Tracy - thanks for your message.

May 2013: An update from Abdul-Nassir Farraj
Nassir was at Pestalozzi from 1977 to 1987. He is now the Program Director for the Local Government and Infrastructure Program at CHF International (Cooperative Housing Foundation) in Palestine. Read his story here!

May 2013: Alumni E-Bulletin
Download it here! If you're one of our Alumni and you didn't receive this e-bulletin last month, it means we don't have your email address! Please let us know how to contact you:

May 2013: Have you seen our 'keep in touch' page?
We'd love to know what you're up to - and we've got a few questions to get you started, just in case you don't know what to write!
Len Clarke
Apr 2013: Len (Leonard) Clarke visits Pestalozzi
Len Clarke, the second ever student to arrive at Pestalozzi, came to visit us in early April. It was wonderful to meet him, and we hope to keep in touch more often now that he has retired!

Mar 2013: Aarju Shrestha helps out at SOS Children’s Villages
Read a lovely article about one of the 'grandmothers' at the SOS Children's Village in Nepal, with a photo and a quote from our alumna Aarju.

Mar 2013: Mainza Sikabanga helps Brighton Uni take the lead in business challenge
Students from Brighton Business School, including our alumnus Mainza, have successfully competed against 170 teams to reach the semi-final of the Universities Business Challenge competition.

Feb 2013: Ram Rijal in the Nepali national press
Our Alumnus Ram Rijal is back in Nepal - and making headlines in the national press! Rijal is now working with the World Bank as a Junior Professional Associate and organising the Nationwide Math Olympiad!

Feb 2013: Meeting Alumni in the USA
Volunteer Helen Leale-Green visited the USA in December and caught up with several Pestalozzi Alumni. Read her blog post about it!

Jan 2013: Alumni E-Bulletin
Download it here! If you're one of our Alumni and you didn't receive this e-bulletin, it means we don't have your email address! Please let us know how to contact you:

Dec 2012: Roman Probodziak on BBC2
Who caught our Alumnus Roman Probodziak on BBC2? He has been working at Claridge's for 36 years and is head doorman - he definitely has a few tales to tell! If you missed it, here's a PDF of an article with a big picture of Roman from the Radio Times. Roman was one of the first young people to come to Pestalozzi from refugee camps in Europe after World War II.

Oct 2012: Calling All 2012 Leavers!
Please let us know how you are getting on with the next stage of your education or career. Please answer our questions or contact Mags on or 01424 871901 to let us know what you are up to. We will make a regular feature of your stories in the Pestalozzi Newsletter, so make yours heard!

Sep 2012: Kondwani Manda update
Thanks to Kondwani Manda, who recently updated us on his rewarding Gap Year at Restless Development in Zambia.