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Leave a Legacy

Be part of our students' stories - and make your own live on. Read about the support students receive from Pestalozzi and how they go on to make a difference in the world.

Easter egg hunt April 1012 by M AlexanderLeaving a legacy to Pestalozzi is a wonderful way to ensure your support lives on, enabling the work we do to continue well beyond your lifetime. It helps us to ensure that future generations will benefit from our work. Legacies also offer the resources needed to fund capital projects, which provide the infrastructure to support our students and projects and allow us to generate income from their hire.

Including in your wishes in your will is straightforward.

If you already have a will, or have had it updated recently and wish to leave a legacy to Pestalozzi, this is possible by means of a codicil. A codicil is a separate legal document kept with your will, which adds to or amends the provisions you have already made (rather than replacing a previously executed will). Your solicitor will be able to provide you with a codicil document. If you have not yet written a will, we recommend that you consult your solicitor to ensure your wishes are recorded correctly.

International Day 2004If you do decide to remember Pestalozzi in your will, please let us know.

Any information you give us will be treated in confidence and does not involve you in in any binding commitment. It will simply enable us to keep you informed about new developments at Pestalozzi.

If you would like to share your personal reasons or story as to why you support Pestalozzi, we would love to hear from you. It might just be that your story will inspire others to help.

Please help us make sure that the Pestalozzi you love today can grow and develop into a Pestalozzi ready for tomorrow by leaving us a legacy in your will. Email for more information.