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Life at Pestalozzi

Photo: Students in national dress.
Video: A video by student Shuvechchha Ghimire, showing a typical weekday for Pestalozzi students.
Photo: Celebrating Holi at Pestalozzi.
Video: A day in the life of Pestalozzi student Alfred Bowa.

Pestalozzi students organise their own house committees, with a rota of duties and fortnightly chaired and minuted house meetings. Students prepare their own breakfast, but they are given lunch money to buy lunch at college. Evening meals are eaten together in the Pestalozzi canteen, Swiss Hall, but sometimes they arrange to cook national dishes, sharing their cultural traditions with each other.

Everyone learns about the major festivals through their fellow students, and will celebrate together. During the Nepalese festival of Dashain everyone is daubed with a red tika and during the Hindu festival of Holi everyone gets covered with water and coloured powders (see photo)!

Every birthday is celebrated and it is often a new experience for the students to receive a birthday cake. They also get cards and a gift from Pestalozzi.

Pestalozzi care staff take it in turns to stay in the Village over night taking responsibility for welfare of the students from 3pm to 10am. They also help organise and participate in some of the extra-curricular activities and help with university application essays.

Pestalozzi has a host family programme, linking each student to a local family. The host families might invite the students for days out, or for a meal at their home, providing the students with an insight into English family life.

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