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Opportunities Programme

Pestalozzi students are with us for two years but our support for them continues beyond this.  The Opportunities Programme provides information, advice and guidance to students about progression opportunities during and after Pestalozzi. Students learn about a variety of careers, industries and sectors, including NGOs and volunteering organisations in their home countries. They are equipped with essential skills and experiences needed to get ahead in their careers post-Pestalozzi.

  • Career Presentations

Regular industry-career oriented presentations given by working professionals, including Pestalozzi Alumni.

I found the presentation very inspiring. I think the way the programme was conducted was interesting.

  • Employability Skills

Applying for work is an artform in itself. This part of the programme is about teaching Pestalozzi students the skills to confidently applyfor jobs and succeed in their applications.

I had never heard of a CV, so it was really useful and I feel like I know what I need to do now.

  • IB1s: Pestalozzi Work Experience

A multi-day work experience opportunity for Pestalozzi students to get involved with the inner workings of the organisation.

The marketing session really got my creative hat on. I got to see how long it takes to get the Newsletter together. It takes time, effort, patience and an objective view.

  • Summer Volunteering

A 2-4 week structured volunteering opportunity with an organisation in the student's own country during their summer holiday.

The experience with Environment Africa's Protracted Relief Programme met my expectations, and surpassed them sometimes... they gave me the opportunity to interact with the farmers. I got hands on experience with how people affect nature and how nature affects people. (Vincent Tembo)

I decided to volunteer at the Central School for Tibetans in Gurupura because they are very short of teaching staff. My role was to handle science classes and physical education. I shouldered all the responsibilities involved in management of classes, preparing lesson plans, sharing innovative activities and teaching maths and sciences. The experience has made me a much better teacher! (Namkhang Tsamchoe)

Dechen volunteering, Summer 2012 Summer volunteering

  • IB2s: June Work Experience

After the IB exams, students have the opportunity to do a week of work experience within an industry of their choice. Read more!

Thank you for organising my work experience. It made me feel confident that a career in finance is the right thing for me.

  • Gap Years

Many Pestalozzi Alumni are making the active decision to take a gap year before progressing onto further study or employment. Read more!

I am volunteering as a mentor, training students with leadership and entrepreneurial skills and helping with their community service projects.

  • Opportunities Library

A physical space, this resource centre engages and inspires Pestalozzi students to explore further work and learning opportunities beyond university: careers, Gap Years, volunteering and work placements in the UK and around the world.

Opportunities Library

Click through to find out more about what Pestalozzi Alumni are doing all around the world.

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Gap Years

Many of our Pestalozzi Alumni decide to take a gap year before progressing to university or employment

June Work Experience

After the IB exams, students have the opportunity to do a week of work experience within an industry of their choice.