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Gap Years

Many of our Pestalozzi Alumni decide to take a gap year before progressing to university or employment. This allows them to explore new opportunities, gain experience and follow their interests. During their gap year, our Alumni gain valuable work experience and put the Pestalozzi principles of Head, Heart and Hands into practice. Many secure internships and volunteer posisions at well-known international NGOs and charities, making a positive difference to those with whom they engage.

Laxman Kandel

At Pestalozzi 2010-2012

I am volunteering in the climate change unit of World Wide Fund for Nature Nepal. It’s interesting to hear the stories from farmers in remote areas about how the WWF bio gas projects changed their lives. It provides an extra enthusiasm in my work and path to future. I’m very grateful that Pestalozzi, especially Charlie, encouraged me to apply for this internship. Next year I will apply for universities to study mechanical engineering. (October 2012)

Jaspreet Kaur

At Pestalozzi 2010-2012

A gap year gives you an opportunity to experience the world outside your studies. I volunteered at Emmanuel Ministries Calcutta, India, working with a vocational training programme called Connexions which gives work to poor women. I learnt how hard these women work for their living, and how unhygienic the living conditions are in the slum area. I always listened to the women’s household problems and encouraged them to work and educate their children. (September 2012)

Samantha Nyovanie

At Pestalozzi 2010-2012

Samantha is mentoring with Lead Us Today, a youth leadership organisation that works with over 300 students in Zimbabwe. I’m a mentor for students, giving them leadership and entrepreneurial skills training and helping with their community-serving projects. Mentoring has required me to be creative (I have to help students understand complex concepts), active (I help students set up and run their project) and be of service (to the students and the community). It has definitely changed my perspective on what leadership is. This is a direct way of contributing to positive change in my community. I not only serve the community directly but also indirectly by encouraging young people to make the changes they want to see.  (October 2012)

Kondwani Manda

At Pestalozzi 2009-2011

Kondwani spent a very rewarding gap year with international NGO Restless Development in Zambia. Read more about his experience.