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Students debate global issues at Model United Nations

Global issues at MUN
On Sunday the 10th of March, eight Pestalozzi students attended Brentwood School’s fourth annual Model United Nations. Each student was assigned a country to represent including South Korea, the Democratic Republic of Congo, India, Equatorial Guinea and Myanmar. In preparation, students were asked to write a resolution paper for their committee, focusing on a solution for a major global issue. These were then debated within the environmental, security and human rights committees before being taken to the final General Assembly.

Nischal Poudel from Nepal reflected; ‘Brentwood MUN gave me the opportunity to apply the knowledge I've gained from studying A-Level Economics whilst also developing my skills in public speaking, debating and negotiating. As the delegate of Equatorial Guinea, I got to analyse economic growth, poverty, inequality and environmental sustainability, and carefully evaluate how various practices and policies contribute to each of those topics in different parts of the world. I could also update myself on the current affairs of the world: ranging from the water scarcity in the Palestine region, to instances of social injustice in South America and Africa. The most inspiring moment for me however, was seeing students as young as 10 years old confidently voicing their ideas and opinions as delegates on topics of global concern. It definitely motivated me to push myself more often to take on the unknown, because only then can we grow as a student and as a person’.

Precious Katai from Zambia added; ‘The conference was an incredible experience. I met students passionate and unafraid to remain true to their country’s convictions and people who were willing to negotiate for the greater good’.

MUN awards

To round off a fantastic day, Prabidhik KC from Nepal won the ‘Most Commended Delegate Award’. We were also fortunate enough to listen to a speech from a former employee of the International Justice Mission about human trafficking. The talk was incredibly thought provoking and just one of many inspiring moments from a day of new experiences, new found interests and new friends, with all of the students involved performing to exceptional standards. Thank you to the People's Postcode Trust for funding our attendance, it was a fantastic experience!

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