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The Pestalozzi Development Fund

Established in 2019, the Pestalozzi Development Fund was created to enable Pestalozzi International Village Trust UK and Pestalozzi International Foundation alumni to set up or expand projects or activities of benefit to their own or other developing communities. We hope that access to small amounts of seed funding will allow our alumni to make an earlier and greater positive impact in the world.

Alumni may also apply for support towards their undergraduate studies, but only where there is already match funding in place from a university, college or other source.

Alumni may apply for a grant under the following categories:

  • Social enterprise (offering employment)
  • Education
  • Women’s empowerment
  • Health
  • Agricultural
  • Community development
  • Environmental
  • Cultural or anthropological

Consideration may be given to applications which fall outside these criteria on an exceptional basis and at the absolute discretion of Pestalozzi’s Trustees.

Each project will be judged on individual merit and should adhere to Pestalozzi’s values and ethos.

Grants of up £5000 are to be made available ranging from:

SMALL : Up to £500

MEDIUM : £500 - £2500

LARGE : £2500 - £5000

Applications for more extensive projects requiring funds exceeding £2500 will need to demonstrate that there is match funding in place. This must be at least equivalent to the amount being sought from Pestalozzi.

Those applying for a grant must be able to evidence that their project will:

  • be delivered to local people;
  • address a demonstrated need; and
  • make a sustainable difference to the community.


Applications will be assessed twice a year and must be submitted between:

Round 1: 1stMarch and 30thJune

Round 2: 1stSeptember and 31stDecember

Those who have applied will be informed of the outcome by:

Round 1: 31st July

Round 2: 31st March


Please ensure that you read the Application Form Guidance and Assessment Criteria before submitting the application. You can download the Application form here. Please fill it in using BLOCK CAPITALS. 

Please e-mail completed applications to:

Your activities and involvement with Pestalozzi International Foundation will result in personal data being created and processed. All personal data will be processed and used in compliance with GDPR.

In accepting a grant from Pestalozzi you agree to the charity having the right to use the project for publicity, marketing and fundraising purposes.


Pestalozzi is not responsible for any additional funding or activity that may become necessary. Any further funding would require a separate application.

Resubmission of unsuccessful applications cannot be made in the same application cycle.

In providing the grant funding, Pestalozzi is not responsible for running or maintaining the project.

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