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Christopher Mujjabi

Christopher Mujjabi

Name: Christopher Mujjabi
Country: Uganda
Pestalozzi Scholar: 2011-2013

I am Christopher Mujjabi, and I am now completing my university studies in Costa Rica which equips me to become a leader in sustainable rural development. I am graduating from Earth University with a degree in agricultural sciences.

I’ve learnt so much here, and I’m really looking forward to taking it all back to Uganda, and to helping develop my country. I have practical experience and skills that will be of real value.

I was born in the Wakiso District, near the Uganda capital of Kampala. I come from a small village which is rural and underdeveloped. My father is a machine operator and my mother is a subsistence farmer so I understand the challenges of living in this area.

I was the first Ugandan student to come to Pestalozzi and that was thanks to the support of both Pestalozzi and the Quicken Trust, who paid my school fees. Before that I could only go to school occasionally as there was never enough money to pay school fees for a complete year.

I completed the two year International Baccalaureate Diploma at Sussex Coast College, and was then given a scholarship by the MasterCard Foundation to study at Earth University in Costa Rica.

Here, I have done so much, from learning about different crops to driving tractors, connecting implements like slashers, disco ploughs and carts, but also about using animals like bulls and buffaloes on the farm and also work experience in the community with local farmers.

One vacation I volunteered at Las Baulas, a conservation reserve for marine turtles. These turtles are in danger of extinction because they have very few chances of survival when they are young (only one turtle out of 1,000 survives) and they take so long to reach the reproductive age (10-15 years). People also steal their eggs from the beaches, so that totally reduces their population. We walked at night along the beach to find turtles laying eggs, put tags on them, and helped them to camouflage their nests.

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