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Are you a Pestalozzi Alumnus?

At Pestalozzi, we love to hear from our Alumni! We like to know what you are up to now, whether it’s studying, working, volunteering, travelling or raising a family. We are always interested to hear about your life at Pestalozzi and beyond, and we hope to add your Alumni stories to our website and newsletter – only if you agree of course. So, please do get in touch and tell us about yourself!

Some of the things we’d like to know include:

  • Your full name, both when you were at Pestalozzi and now, if it’s different.
  • What was your situation before you came to Pestalozzi? Did you have any other education opportunities before you came here? Where do you imagine you would be now if you hadn’t been to Pestalozzi?
  • What is/was so special about Pestalozzi, in your experience? This will be personal to you – but will help explain to others why Pestalozzi is the unique place it is.
  • What have you done since graduating from Pestalozzi? What have you studied, where have you worked, what have you achieved? Don’t be shy – tell it like it is!
  • What are you doing now? Whatever it is, we’d be interested to know!
  • And finally, what are your plans for the future? The more ambitious the better, but whatever you have planned will be of interest.

Also if you have any words of advice for current students, please add those too. You can email your responses to

You can also keep in touch on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn – make sure to say hello – and many thanks for your contribution!

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