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Intern blog: A blast from the past at Leavers' Ceremony

26 June 2013

Donna (Ruth) Mwangase is a Pestalozzi Alumna and Marketing Intern. In this series, she gives us an insight into what it's like to be back at Pestalozzi after two years away...

Donna and Steve Watters at the Pestalozzi Leavers' CeremonyLast week, I attended the Pestalozzi Leavers’ Ceremony and I could not help but remember my own Leavers’ Ceremony. Even though the venue was different, the same atmosphere of happiness and sadness lingered in the room. I tried to recall what I had said in my speech in 2011 as I sat there listening to the students give their moving speeches. As they spoke about their extended essays and course work, I remembered how my favourite lessons at Sussex Coast College Hastings had always been those of my higher level subjects: Psychology, History and Biology. I enjoyed these subjects the most because I had always been keen to learn more about them. As the students spoke about how they were looking forward to life after Pestalozzi, I remembered how happy and excited I was to be starting a new chapter of my life and also, how sad I had been to be leaving and not knowing if I would ever see the people who had been my family for two years ever again.

One thing I have enjoyed most about being back at Pestalozzi has been the chance I have gotten to meet my Pestalozzi family again. At the Leavers’ Ceremony, I got the chance to meet Chris Morell and Steve Watters who had taught me Biology and History. I was also happy to see Dave and Gisele Minnet. I had a chance to meet Vicky Wilken, who taught me Psychology, at a Host Family event a few days earlier. Seeing my former teachers, other Pestalozzi Alumni like Tongai, Claudius and Mainza, and staff members at Pestalozzi like Mags, Carol, Helen Pearson, Helen Leale-Green, Miss Yangkey and Patrick was an extremely happy moment for me. It reminded me of how fast the two years have gone by. . . It seems just like yesterday that I first came to Pestalozzi. I am having a nice time being back as an Intern and I look forward to seeing more familiar faces, as I am yet to meet my host parents again.

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