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Staff blog: What's happening on the Pestalozzi Estate

3 July 2013

Football field beforeAs you would expect, summer is a busy time on the Pestalozzi Estate. Facilities Manager Alex Whittington takes us on a seasonal tour around the grounds.

The catering staff have been busy with the students’ leaving dinner (a great success), while the maintenance and cleaning staff have their hands full as the students start to leave for the summer and the accommodation is freed up for visiting groups. It’s all hands on deck to give each room a lick of paint before guests start to arrive to use the facilities.

Football field afterNot only do we have groups using the estate and facilities for training, we are playing host to volunteers who will be working on the land and buildings, as well as the annual Rural Past Times vintage agricultural show in August.

We are taking advantage of the improved weather (long may it continue!) to make some improvements to the grounds. You can see before and after shots (top right) of the football pitch area which we are bringing back up to its former standard.

Water leak at PestalozziWe are also working on a woodland management plan that will ensure we are looking after our woodland in the best possible way. If you have any expertise in estate work and would like to help us on the land as a volunteer please do get in touch:

It hasn’t all been plain sailing in 2013. You will see from the pictures that when Pestalozzi has a water leak, we do it properly! A combination of old pipes and the fact that they were 12ft underground has caused a few sleepless nights. My thanks to the contractors and friends of Pestalozzi who got us out of that particular hole!

Dick clearing the groundsIt is fast approaching my favourite time of year on the Estate, when the hay cut is done and the estate is busy and looking its best. Fingers crossed for a long summer!

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