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Donna filming her third video17 July 2013

Donna is now halfway through her 12 week internship at Pestalozzi. Over the last few weeks she’s created three videos, including student profiles of Claire Gapare and Nigel Malaba and the first in our "We are Pestalozzi!” video series, "Pestalozzi means…”

One of the projects I have worked on in the marketing department at Pestalozzi has been making videos to put on the website and on YouTube. While I have recorded many videos before, this has been the first time I have had to edit videos.

I was pretty excited the first time I filmed a student. I found it pretty easy because I placed the camera on a window sill and I did not have to worry about sitting or standing still while recording. Editing the first video taught me all the basics of video editing like trimming the clips, adjusting the sound, cutting the frames, and so on. "Ahhhh, so that’s how that is done!” I usually found myself saying when I learnt something I had seen previously in other videos.

Vicky and Donna check the footageRecording the videos for the "We are Pestalozzi!” video series has been more challenging because I have had to capture people in different places. In the first videos I recorded outdoors, I did not account for the wind and I was very disappointed when I uploaded the videos to the laptop because I could barely hear anything that was being said. Sometimes I would record thinking I had gotten the perfect shot, only to be disappointed when editing because someone was speaking too fast or they had not taken long pauses between questions, making it really hard to trim the clips.

The most interesting thing has been the laughter that I have shared with so many people during the recording and editing of the clips and putting them together to create one short clip. It has been a very fun experience for me to record different people and getting to know more about them.

Are you a Pestalozzi supporter or one of our Alumni? Wherever you are in the world, we’d love you to take part in the series! All you’ll need is a way of filming yourself answering a few questions. Email to get started!

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