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Alumni blog: Claudius at Brighton Uni and Rolls-Royce

24 July 2013

Claudius Sibanda came to Pestalozzi from Zimbabwe in 2008. After graduating in 2010, he got a fully funded Pestalozzi-University of Brighton scholarship to study Electronic Engineering. Here, he gives us an update on his studies and his plans for the future.

Claudius SibandaReceiving the Pestalozzi scholarship and then the University of Brighton Pestalozzi scholarship has made a priceless development to my career endeavours of becoming an Electronic Engineer. I am now a student at Brighton University studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering, which is the career path I always wanted to pursue.

Attending university has really changed my outlook on life as it has provided me with a platform to create a network of potential career colleagues and partners for the foreseeable future. It has also developed my mind and showed me that it is important to be a risk taker if one is to be successful in life and this has helped me nurture that ability to be introspective of my work.

I am about to start my year’s internship with Rolls-Royce Motor Cars working in the electronics department. This is going to be my first experience with the professional world. I am confident that this opportunity will help shape my professional career prospects and I am looking forward to graduating with a BEng and then moving to work in the energy sector and possibly grow an energy company with time.

Pestalozzi and the University of Brighton Pestalozzi scholarship are both great causes that help use education as a tool against poverty in developing countries. The funding of the Pestalozzi scholarship helps alleviate poverty by equipping students with the knowledge that we need and inspiring us to help develop our home communities.

I would like to express my humility and enormous gratitude to Pestalozzi for giving me such a life transforming opportunity through a scholarship. I fall short of a million mouths, but if I had that many, I would have used each and every one of them just to say thank you ever so much for allowing what seemed like a dream yesterday to be a reality today.

Claudius visited Pestalozzi for International Celebration in 2013. You can see photos of him and other alumni in our Alumni Gallery.

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