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Student blog: Inspirational Indian Cultural Evening

Rangoli photo by Shuvechchha
Rangoli made using coloured powders. Photo by Shuvechchha Ghimire.

Indian dance at Pestalozzi
Dance performance by Aravind, Binayak and Syeed. Photo by Alejandra Espatolero.

A guest enjoys Indian food
Guest Len Walker enjoys a plate of delicious Indian food. Photo by Shuvechchha Ghimire.

Home made coconut burfi
Coconut burfi, hand made by Pestalozzi students. Photo by Shuvechchha Ghimire.

Pestalozzi's Indian students
Aravind, Binayak, Madhumita and Syeed. Photo by Mags Alexander.
15 November 2013

Our resident student blogger Prabha Upreti enjoyed our Indian Cultural Evening last week – as did more than 100 guests!

The cuisines were cooked, the lights were lighted, the set was set and the guests started to flood in for the Indian Cultural Evening. The seventh largest empire of the world, India seemed to emerge at once at Pestalozzi with the tune of the Anthem: Jana Gana Mana. The beautiful Rangoli (decorative design made on the floor using different coloured powders) reflected the diverse, colourful Indian culture and Pestalozzean spirit. Visitors were welcomed by the display of typical Indian cultural items.

Soon, the delicious dinner composed of the famous curry, naan (teardrop shaped bread) and papad (poppadum) was served and everyone began to settle down. Aravind (an IB2 student from India) gave a welcome speech followed by a short, factual presentation about India.

Everyone relished the students’ performances: a melodious Hindi song by Syeed and the dances by Madhumita, Binayak, Syeed and Aravind.

Special samosa (triangular pastry filled with spicy vegetables) with aam chutney (mango pickle), burfi (typical Indian sweet made from milk, sugar and spices) and imli (tamarind) condiment, prepared by the students themselves, were served in between the items. The performances ended with a question answer session between the students and the audience, where various questions about the UK and India were shared. The students answered the guests’ inquiries with humour, with Binayak sharing how, in India, the bus can be stopped anywhere in the highway with the wave of your hand - very different to here in the UK!

Pestalozzi students and staff were delighted that more than 100 guests came to the event. It was well above our expectations and the more than £500 raised for Pestalozzi was very cheering. The event ended with an invitation to the Ugandan Cultural Evening on Thursday 20 February 2014.

You can read Prabha's ongoing series of blog posts here - there will be more in the coming months! If you'd like to get involved with Pestalozzi, perhaps by volunteering at our events, click here. And of course, if you'd like to donate to support our exceptional students, we would be very grateful.

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