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Student blog: Savouring sleepy Sunday mornings

Shuvechchha cooking
Shuvechchha from Nepal prepares ingredients.

Cooking onions

Dawa cooks an omelette
Dawa from Bhutan cooks an omelette.

Chopped tomatoes and cucumbers

Madhumita with food samples
Madhumita from India enjoys international flavours.
5 January 2014

Happy new year! What better way to start 2014 than a lazy breakfast, surrounded by the smells, sounds and sights of delicious food from around the world? Student blogger Prabha Upreti paints us a picture of Sunday mornings at Pestalozzi.

A hissing sound at the stove makes me look left. Pratiksha Sharma, a student from Nepal, is pouring chopped tomatoes in the pan. The kitchen is practically empty except for Claire Gapare from Zimbabwe, who is chopping onions at the table. Pratiksha says she’s preparing chutney to have with her bread: "I really miss the spicy food from back home. I am going to make this pickle really spicy to stir up my taste buds.”

I lazily walk up to the duty staffs’ room to get my share of tomatoes and eggs. I get two packets of noodles and put them in the microwave. The kitchen has started to fill up with sleepy faces. Justin Mushitu enters the room and heads straight for the cereals. "I always have cereals in the morning. I think it is a healthier option. But I miss the Zambian pizza we used to have back at home,” he says.

The music to be played throughout the morning is decided by who gets to the CD player first. Today a Hindi song is floating through the kitchen. Tenzin Dophen, an IB1 from Tibet, is preparing a butter toast and singing to himself. "I am feeling really lazy today. I miss my mother’s Bakleb (a Tibetan roti) with omelette,” he says. By now the kitchen is filled with more than twenty people preparing or having breakfast.

We all are from cultures that eat different types of food. During special occasions we try to cook special cuisines from our home country. I still remember the Ugandan special nshima (solid milled maize) that the students cooked during Ugandan day which was totally new to my taste. We also enjoyed cooking samosas for everyone here – a common snack in Nepal, my country.

Even if I went to sleep too late on Saturday night or I don’t feel like eating at all, the Sunday morning scene in the Songtsen Khang kitchen at Pestalozzi lights up my day. We try out cooking new things and enjoy cooking for each other.

Does this tickle your tastebuds? You should come along to one of our cultural events to sample some delicious international cuisine for yourself! Check out our forthcoming events. If you're interested in particular cultures, you can read more articles and blog posts about: India, Bhutan, Belize, Nepal, Zimbabwe, Tibet, Zambia and Uganda.

Photographs on this blog post are by Pestalozzi student Shuvechchha Ghimire. The top photograph (of Shuvechchha herself) is by Prabha Upreti.

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