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Student blog: Vegan delights at Moose's Kitchen

Madhumita in Moose's Kitchen
Photo: Madhumita starts preparing a tasty vegan soup. (Photo by Washington Mudziviri.)

Moose's Kitchen photo courtesy of Moose's Kitchen
Photo: Moose's Kitchen is a vegan eatery in St Leonards. (Photo courtesy of Moose's Kitchen.)

Pestalozzi students enjoying vegan dish
Photo: Pestalozzi students sit down to enjoy a tasty vegan soup. (Photo courtesy of Moose's Kitchen.)

17 February 2014

Back in January, seven Pestalozzi students from around the world attended a cookery class with a difference. They headed to Moose’s Kitchen in St Leonards-on-Sea, where the eponymous Moose taught them to make traditional British dishes – completely vegan! Pestalozzi student blogger Madhumita Some was enthralled by these recipes and reports on the lesson.

It was Sunday afternoon and we were all ready to go to Moose’s Kitchen in Hastings. Our eagerness and enthusiasm to cook some vegan dishes was palpable. Dawa, Amber, Sandra, Binayak, Bwalya, Habiiba, Washington and I met Moose (that is her pet name, she told us) and she explained how she converted from non-veg to completely vegan dishes. As she had already worked in some restaurants, she followed her passion of opening a kitchen.

We decided on the vegan dishes we would make and the jobs were split between us. I made the starter: a soup made of celeriac, leeks and spinach. I chopped the spinach, leeks and celeriac at first. After that I fried the chopped celeriac and leeks in a little oil in the pan. Finally, I added sufficient water and salt, and when it was nearly cooked  I added the spinach. My soup was ready.

Dawa, a student from Bhutan, was excited to make potato chips. "It was surprisingly superb and I even enjoyed cooking the chips more than eating them this time,” she said.

Amber, from Belize, made the apple crumble with Binayak, from India. Amber said, "I added white flour, and sugar, oats and vegan margarine to a small amount of olive oil and combined all of it. Then I added dates, raisins and cinnamon to some diced apples. It was exquisite!”

Meanwhile, Sandra, a student from Uganda, was looking very happy slicing carrots into the perfect size for roasting and Washington, from Zimbabwe, made the Brazil nut roast. Washington was desperately waiting to taste the dish – something I could very well understand by looking at his facial expressions! We were guided by Moose and I think she enjoyed the lesson as well.

This cookery session was funded by Local Food Grants, which is a programme that distributes grants from the Big Lottery Fund to a variety of food-related projects that are helping to make locally grown food accessible and affordable to local communities. We all are very thankful to Local Food Grants and Moose’s Kitchen for giving us such amazing experience.

If you love food and are interested in exploring international cuisine, why not come to one of our events!

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