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Alumni blog: Bharat promoting education in rural Nepal

Bharat with Nepali students
Photo: Bharat (second from right) with Grade 10 students to whom he has been teaching English.

Speaking to school
Photo: Bharat giving a talk at Shree BalBikash Higher Secondary School, Nepal.

Video: View from the bus of Bharat's journey to Kathmandu.

Bharat speaking to students
Photo: Bharat giving a speech, "Significance of education and how it can bring positive changes in our lives”.

21 February 2014

Bharat Nepali graduated from Pestalozzi in June 2013. Here, he discusses the six months since then, which he has spent in Nepal, catching up with his family and friends and promoting the importance of education in his home community.

I have recently moved to the capital city Kathmandu after spending nearly five months in my village. I am very pleased to share a video showing the beautiful scenery, hills and Seti River in my district, which I recorded while travelling back to Kathmandu (see video below right).

The months I spent at home made it my longest stay since 2004 and I had a really wonderful time sharing my experiences with my family, friends, old people and my neighbourhood. They were really happy to see me and were eager to know more about Pestalozzi and the UK.

Almost every evening I had a chat with some of the grade 10 students in my village, talking about academics and giving them words of encouragement to continue pursuing education after school level. It’s hard, because many of the young boys go to India for work due to their poor financial background.

I also gave a speech in Shree BalBikash Higher Secondary School, entitled "Significance of education and how it can bring positive changes in our lives”. In a nutshell, I encouraged the students there to realise the importance of education, not to marry at early age and not to fall in the habit of smoking and drinking alcohol. Alongside this I was able to talk with school’s teachers and make them aware of some Western education approaches towards academics, such as group-work presentations, internal assignments, teacher-student discussions and so on.

Although I have not started officially, I will soon be helping the Open Learning Exchange (OLE) Nepal to raise funds for its five-year project of setting up laptop-based teaching learning program in the primary schools of Bajhang district. I will also be looking into doing an internship in the banking sector.

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