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Student blog: Sandra joins the Student Council

4 July 2014

Sandra Batakana
Sandra addresses graduating Pestalozzi students at our Leavers' Ceremony in June 2014. Read more.

Sandra Martha Batakana is one of our Ugandan students and is just about to finish her first year at Pestalozzi. She was recently elected as Vice President of Education in the Student Council at Sussex Coast College Hastings.

I have a personal interest in leadership and team work in education alongside the urge to serve my community. This is what inspired me to stand for the post of Vice President of Education at Sussex Coast College Hastings.

My campaigns were smooth, as I ran unopposed, but this did not stop me from seeking votes. I went to all the three campuses of SCCH to campaign. My personality, honor, enthusiasm, principles, code of conduct, positive approach and confidence must have made a favourable impression on the other students and these got me through the elections successfully.

I am looking forward to playing my role in the next academic year 2014/2015. Some of my aims are to create a greater awareness of the Student Council and greater links between different courses in the college. I’d like to do this through social events, by creating a debate society and quiz nights in which groups will be formed with students from the various courses and a cash prize will be awarded to the winning team.

I also want to get teachers more involved in the council and college by helping them to hear the students, through letting them know what the students want. Furthermore, I want to help with establishing the college magazine which will create more awareness of what goes on in the college and the Student Council. I am grateful to everyone who encouraged and supported me during my campaign, especially the Pestalozzi students and staff.

We wish Sandra good luck in the year ahead! Our students are very active on the council at SCCH. You can also read about Binayak Datta’s trip to the NUS conference earlier this year.

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