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Student blog: Students shine in talent show

Rudolph and fellow student Thinley at the talent show
Rudolph with fellow student Thinley on the day of the competition.
Ruldolph and Thinley dancing
These two love to perform a dance act!
Ruldolph and High Sheriff David Allam
Mr Rotaract 2013, Rudolph, pictured here with High Sheriff David Allam. 

4 August 2014

Mr and Miss Rotaract is an annual student talent quest for first year students, organised by Rotaract Club Pestalozzi. Mr Rotaract 2013 Rudolph Parham reports on the event and what it feels like to compete.

Every year, students say the Mr and Miss Rotaract competition helps them to step out of their comfort zones, express themselves, gain confidence and recognise their strengths.

I remember last year’s competition as though it was just yesterday. It was fortunately a sunny day with no rain, no snow and no freezing temperatures. Everyone was hectic getting their props together for the show. I had done all my preparations and my rehearsing, looking in the mirror, getting my tone of voice right and my expression perfect... not to mention the wink. 

First comes the smart round. Each participant is asked a reflective question. They have to go to the stage confidently, in smart attire, and answer the question. Round two is the funny round. Participants try to make the audience burst into laughter. This year, people danced, sang, acted and created caricatures as well as dressing in their widest attire, which they made for themselves. Finally, it’s the talent round. Each participant performs a dance, sings a song, plays an instrument, presents a poem and so on.

Being in the room with the stage up front sent butterflies bouncing off the walls of my stomach. I had waited so long, and I really wanted to win. One by one, the contestants went up and one by one they did their act. It now came to my turn and, well, I gave it my best shot!

It all came to a head when the judges tallied the points. I was in two minds: I wanted, yet did not want, to hear the winner. I closed my eyes and crossed my fingers... and what I heard, I did not believe at first. Apparently, the winner was me! All the rehearsing and practising paid off, and I would still like to believe that the mirror session had the special effect.

This article first appeared in the Pestalozzi Newsletter Spring/Summer 2014.

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