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Alumni blog: Nkole's gap year

Nkole back home in Zambia
Nkole: 'We live forwards but only understand life backwards.'
Streets of Zambia
Nkole has taken pictures of Zambia during his gap year, so we can see what he is up to!
Football in Zambia
Football players under a Zambian sky.
Nkole and the alumni board
Nkole during his last week at Pestalozzi.

16 September 2014

Nkole Chisanga from Zambia, is one of our 2014 graduates who has returned back home for a gap year, following the completion of his International Baccalaureate Diploma. Here he shares his post-Pestalozzi journey…

The prospect of an ever-awaited family reunion derailed my attention from the apparent separation from the Pestalozzi community when I left England in July. When I reached Zambia, I had mixed emotions of joy and anxiety about the immediate future after Pestalozzi but in the end I realised the reality that awaited: I had to keep developing if I was going to be useful to the community. 

Before returning to Zambia I planned to work with a Health NGO to impact the community through health care provision and support and I had secured my internship with CHEP (Copperbelt Health Education Project) in August. This meant that I had to move to Kitwe city and leave my parents behind, with opportunities to travel about 45km to visit them over the weekends. I am now staying at my sister’s in the city and working. 

My interest in studying has remained extant and this prompted me to acquire some study material in Biochemistry and Physiology. I have registered with edX online courses to help me study. I am also keeping up to date with my SAT vocabulary as I will be taking these exams in November. Thanks to Helen and Patrick who gave me some material before I left the UK.

I now believe that the gap year is an opportunity for me to pursue other passions and to improve in the way I apply myself to challenges. I am able to undertake an exciting Neurological research project with the help of the medical personnel I have met at CHEP, which I was inspired to study after my work experience at the Conquest Hospital and some reading I was undertaking at the time.

My gap year will enable me to develop even more and expose myself to more opportunities to be creative. I have time to explore career options and try to experience them before taking a major step in life: choosing a career. I find myself taking lead roles at Church, work and even at home because of the altered perception of me by my family and community, but this only challenges me to set a good example in the way I contribute to society. The gap year is an opportunity to look back, introspect and learn from the most productive two years that I spent at Pestalozzi. After all, we live forwards but only understand life backwards.

I am deeply grateful to Pestalozzi staff members and all the supporters for the continued support they have rendered to me even after completing my IB studies. I now know that you all at Pestalozzi and in the UK are contributing greatly and positively to the development of many communities around the world.

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