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Student blog: Summer Volunteering Placements

 Bwalya on work experience

Bwalya Kasanda - Zambia

 Bwalya volunteering

Bwalya Kasanda - Zambia


Tenzin Dophen - Tibet

 Bhawana at her graduation from university in 2004.

Syeed Ansari - India

 Syeed volunteering

Syeed Ansari - India

23 January 2015

During their summer break from college, our students return home to see their families, friends and communities. We encourage them to complete structured volunteering placements, developing the Pestalozzi principles of education for the Head, Heart and Hands, whilst making a positive difference in their home countries.

Bwalya Kasanda (Zambia)

During my summer in Zambia, I volunteered at a newly established local clinic called Chainda. It was built mainly for underprivileged people that live in the surrounding areas. I mostly worked at the registry and the dispensary, taking measurements of height, weight and temperature at the former and dispensing medicine at the latter. 

I had a lot of fun during my time there and I particularly enjoyed working with children. Although I did encounter a scenario that made me reflect on the level of literacy in my country, when a lady of 32 came to the clinic with three children but she was unable to write any of their names. 

The experience invoked a certain restless feeling in me; to see that there are less privileged people than I am made me appreciate what I am and what I have and realise there is a lot that needs to be done for my community.

Tenzin Dophen (Tibet)

I completed my volunteering at Shree Saraswati School, located in the foothills of Himalayas in the district of Mustang in Nepal. The art of public speaking has always fascinated me and the LIMUN conferences gave me the perfect platform to enhance it.  I introduced the art of public speaking to the students of my previous school and concentrated on helping them develop their reading skills while also encouraging them to practise delivering speeches. 

This art has always been relevant to me in terms of giving my voice for the Tibetan struggle and also to the importance placed on dialogue in the Middle Way Policy – a peaceful, non-partisan approach adopted by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. 

I now realize how far I have come in terms of my confidence and leadership qualities since studying at Pestalozzi. I am not yet done with my project, it is just the start and I hope to carry on during the coming years.  

Syeed Ansari (India)

Swaraj Foundation, an NGO which deals with a variety of issues in various affected areas in the state of Jharkhand (India), gave me the opportunity to work as a ‘Field Mobilizer’. I worked in the deep villages, totally isolated and I felt as if I was in the Stone Age. As a Field Mobilizer, my job included all the possible ways to eradicate illiteracy and maintain the health and sanitation through areas like teaching in governmental established schools, checking for malnourished children, explaining the purpose of education to uneducated parents and launching the ‘Right to Education Campaign’ in some areas.

This summer volunteering project has helped me look into the lives of people totally deprived of lavish living and understand them. I was moved when a child said to me: “My heart says that I should study and achieve high but my stomach says that if I collect coal and wood, I get to eat. What should I do?’’

Each day I learnt a new lesson whilst back at home. Thank you to Pestalozzi for teaching me the three principles of Head, Heart and Hands. They have really helped me.

This story was first published in our 2014 Autumn/Winter Newsletter which you can download here. 


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