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Volunteer blog: Visiting the Neasden Temple

Faten and Steffie in London
Faten and Steffie in London.

Exploring London.

Faten and Fay at Hyde Park.

15 April 2015

In February, I was lucky enough to visit the Neasden Temple in London.

With some students, Fay - the Student Programme Officer- and Estefania - the Student Programme Assistant, we could visit this beautiful Hindu building. I have to confess that I was very excited about this trip since it was my first one to London! We had to leave Pestalozzi at 7.00 am (which is quite early!) in order to arrive there at around 10.00 am. After almost a three-hour trip and a little nap, we finally reached our destination and we discovered the amazing Temple.

I was really impressed and captivated by the architecture of the edifice. In fact, each part of it seems to be so elaborate in every detail! I can’t imagine the whole time spent to build it. Then, we went into the Temple and we were welcomed by a guide who explained us what we were going to discover throughout our visit. 

First of all, we saw a short movie which explained us the history of the temple. So, we could learn how this incredible Hindu Temple is today in London. We also attended a "Hindu ceremony” which was dedicated to venerate the different Hindu gods, helping us understand more about different Hindu gods.
During the rest of the visit, we saw the different parts of the Temple and at the same time discover and learn more about the Hindu civilization and beliefs. It is always interesting to be open-minded about other convictions and different ways to believe.

After spending our morning to visit the Hindu temple, it was time to have our lunch. In keeping with an Indian and Hindu atmosphere, we went to Southall which is the Indian area of London in order to eat in an Indian restaurant! Binayak – an Indian student- knew the area quite well; so he advised us of a restaurant there. On the menu of our meal, we had chicken tikka masala with vegetable nans. We enjoyed our lunch very much. After eating it was unfortunately already the time for us to leave London and to come back to Pestalozzi.

Even though we have not been lucky with the British weather, since it rained all the day, we spent an amazing day in London and although I have not seen all the famous places there, this day will always be a bit special for me, since it was my first trip to London!

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