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Volunteer Blog: London, LIMUN and laughter

Faten, Fay, Steffie and the students - ready to set off.
Faten seeing the sights of the capital city.
Taking photos to remember the experiences!
Faten and Student Programme Officer, Fay
LIMUN in action.

Another snap with Estefania, Student Programme Assistant.

May 2015

I spent three days in London with all the first year students and Fay and Estefania from the student programme team, in order to attend the largest conference of Europe: LIMUN (London International Model United Nations).

To be honest, I had waited for this event for weeks and could not wait to be there. I was excited about that conference because I am interested in international relationships and would like to have a career in that field in the future. So I could not be happier to go to London and especially for this event! 

  • Friday
When we arrived in London, we had a little time to go for a walk around the Central Hall Westminster before the Opening ceremony. Estefania, some of the students and I, walked around and I got to see famous places such as Big Ben and take some photos.

After that enjoyable moment, it was the time to attend the opening ceremony which took place in the very prestigious Central Hall Westminster! The ceremony gathered LIMUN staff members, all participants and also some people involved in International development.All through the ceremony, we listened to different speeches about global issues before the general secretary declared the 16th LIMUN conference opened.

I have to confess that I was fascinated to be in this huge and impressive auditorium among all the people present there, I felt so privileged and I had the impression of being an important person!   

To be honest, I would have liked to be one of the students and participate in this conference, as it must be such a fantastic experience for them. As well as meeting new people from different parts of the world and making new friends, I also think that it is something which can enable them to develop a lot of skills. For example, they learn to face people in order to defend their ideas and their convictions and thanks to this exercise, they can have more confidence in themselves.

To finish our first day in London, after our dinner, we went with the students to their first committee sessions which took place in Imperial College. 

  • Saturday:
The Saturday was probably the longest and the most tiring day, at least for the students. They started their committee sessions at 9 am and finished at 6 pm!

During our free time, we went to walk around but also to do some shopping and in the afternoon, we visited the Victoria and Albert Museum. I really enjoyed the visit especially due to the diversity, which is impressive, with many pieces of work there. 

After my busy day of discoveries in London, it was finally the time to meet up with the students. After dinner, we spent a memorable evening in the hostel with the students. We talked, played games and laughed a lot. I personally loved this evening. It was a way to rest a bit after the long day that we had and at the same time to share a moment all together. 

  • Sunday:
On Sunday, the students had their last debates in order to find resolutions about the global issues that they were discussing in their committee sessions. After taking last pictures of them, I went with Fay and Estefania for a walk around London in order to enjoy our last day in the capital city. To begin, we had a drink and delicious pastries in a French café and then we walked around Hyde Park and Royal Albert Hall.

Next, to finish this crazy weekend, we attended the closing ceremony at the Great Hall of Imperial College. Throughout that ceremony, we discovered all committee chairs’ decisions about the awards given to participants further to the conference. After that, the LIMUN general secretary announced the end of LIMUN and officially declared the conference closed. So, it was time for everybody to go home and for us to go back to Pestalozzi!

To sum up this weekend, I would say that it was busy, intense and tiring but it was so nice. We had a great time attending LIMUN, being in and walking around London. I loved spending time with the students and during this weekend, we shared many memorable moments and got to know each other much more. Without a doubt, I will not ever forget these three days which are still fresh in my mind!

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