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Volunteer blog: Goodbye and thanks to Pestalozzi

Faten taking photos of International Celebration.
At one of many cultural events with student Dawa.
Enjoying springtime!

With Bhutanese student, Sonam Choden at the Tibetan New Year event.

Faten on an outing with Pestalozzi staff and students.
26 May 2015

I am not going to hide that I feel sad writing these words as my experience at Pestalozzi is almost finished! This internship went so quickly and I would have liked to stay longer. The three months spent here were so rich in meetings, events and discoveries.

To begin, I had the opportunity to attend quite a lot of events (e.g. International Celebration, Hastings Half Marathon and cultural evenings) throughout these three months. They enabled me to get to know the staff, the students and more about Pestalozzi in general.

At the cultural evenings, apart from having good time, I could learn a lot about students’ home countries and cultures. I think that is what I liked the most about Pestalozzi: the multicultural environment we are in all the time. Indeed, you can hear languages that you have never heard before, you can learn traditions which can seem weird to you, and it is so enriching being in this environment, I just love it!

In this last blog that I am writing, I also want to talk about the many trips that I was lucky to do thanks to Pestalozzi, from going to the Neasden Temple of London, attending the prestigious LIMUN conference to seeing Queen Elizabeth II and visiting Dover Castle… there is just so much to tell about everything I saw and all the things that I shared with the staff and the students. I went to London four times for shopping, visiting famous places or and even cruising on the Thames River with some students! So, to tell it briefly, I would say that I have seen more things for these three months than in all my life.

Talking about my experience at Pestalozzi, I liked working in a very nice and friendly team. All of the staff were so kind to me and I felt so comfortable working with them! Regarding the tasks that I completed, I can say that I have developed some skills all through these three months. I worked on new software that I have not used before; I could discover the marketing field working on social media for example. I have had this blog to tell of my experiences at Pestalozzi as my internship was progressing and I think it has helped me to improve my writing skills in English. Moreover, I have been involved in different projects such as a video called "Pestalozzi means…” with the Student Programme department.

To sum up this whole experience in a few lines, I would say that I felt lucky being at Pestalozzi, working in a nice environment (surrounded by large fields in the East Sussex countryside) and working with this unusual charity. Welcoming young people from disadvantaged countries to the UK to study, in order to make a difference in the world, is such a rewarding cause to defend. So even though I have only been at Pestalozzi for a short period, I am proud to have been involved in this charity and to be a part of the Pestalozzi family.

For all of the reasons mentioned above I truly think that when I am back in France, I will miss my time spent in England and little things about Pestalozzi like the chats that I could have with the students or all the cakes that I have eaten here.

I think from this blog post you can see that I had a very great time here but before I finish, I have to thank the Pestalozzi staff for giving me the opportunity to live an amazing experience.

Thank you all and long live Pestalozzi!!!

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