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Staff Blog: My First Week by Amy Cornish

"Read all about it! Read all about it!"

Meet Amy Cornish, Pestalozzi's newest Fundraising Officer! Here, she tells us all about her first week on the job; the trials, the adventure, the hilarity. Does she have what it takes to survive the Pestalozzi wilderness? Did she survive the geese attack? Read on to find out...

Amy Cornish
           Amy Cornish, Fundraising Officer

My first week at Pestalozzi has flown by. I spent most of this time telling my fellow colleagues how lucky I was to be working in a place of such outstanding beauty, every chance I got in fact. I suppose when you come to work every day, up the same winding driveway, with the sound of birds singing, trees rustling in the wind, to the sight of sun dappled fields, ageless woodland rich with flora and fauna , you sort of just get used to it…

I was not alone in the trepidation and sheer panic that is known as "first day nerves”. Sitting nervously at a completely empty desk, with a look of anxiety that I was sure was on my own face, was Danielle, the new Marketing Officer. We were stepping into the unknown together, comrades in arms. Suffice to say, it took about ten minutes before we became good friends.

On our first day, we were given the full tour (literally, the FULL tour). I thought I might be in the midst of a dream when I found myself in the middle of a wood (wearing the flimsiest of shoes), stepping through muddy puddles and brambles. I felt safe though, as we were heavily guarded by Darren (the Fundraising Officer) who bellowed "You shall not pass” into the distance. Just as I thought I had read the job description incorrectly and I was about to become the next Bear Grylls, we were back in the office for training.

As well as receiving a full Pestalozzi Induction, Danielle and I have also been fully inducted into the Village of Sedlescombe. By that I mean we have been chased on several occasions by the Sedlescombe Geese! We now have a very healthy respect for (phobia of) them, and give them a very wide berth.

Although it was not until my second week here, I must take this opportunity to talk about the Leaver’s Ceremony 2015, which took place on Monday 15 June. I was so glad that my induction coincided with this amazing event as it gave me a chance to see the reason I was here and who I was working for. The Pestalozzi students are without a doubt the most inspiring, enigmatic, charismatic, eloquent and intelligent young people I have ever come across. It is impossible to convey how impressive they were as they stood up in front of hundreds of people and spoke about their time at Pestalozzi. If you have not been before, it is something that every supporter should experience. I wish that I could bottle up the sentiment that their words created and sell it to raise funds. It is a wonderful feeling to be working for such a good cause. These astounding young people deserve the best possible start in their adult lives and I want to be able to do my small bit to help. They truly want to go out into the world and make a lasting difference; they have worked so hard to be able to do that and I only hope that I can do my part to help them reach and surpass their full potential.


 - Amy Cornish, 2015.

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