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Alumni Blog: Habiiba Malingha

Habiiba Malingha graduated from Pestalozzi in 2014, since then her life has completely changed. Here, she tells of her joyous experiences...

Firstly, thank you for the opportunity you gave me to live and study with you for two years. I don’t really know how to describe my myriad of experiences nor my gratitude to everybody who made it happen for me during my stay there. I am an empowered young woman because of you.

Now that I have left Pestalozzi I am working at my former school as an Outreach Activities Officer; I help students benefit from opportunities to help make a positive impact in their community. I also help with their co-curricular learning and the students' holistic development. Having been a leader and a proud ambassador there for the five years I was studying, it was like returning home.

Habiiba and her students
Habiiba with her students

I work with people who are ready to teach me a lot more even after I long left the school; in turn I do the things they are barely trained to do. It is refreshing to work with students and having them learn from me. We do things like global exchange classes through photography (from my work experience with Vine Hall Studios), Model United Nations mini-conferences, leadership training, and community service, just to mention a few!

Alongside that, I volunteer at a children's centre where I am a Reading Facilitator and a Marketing Officer. It is a small organisation so it is great to work with the team there. I have always liked working with children and being a part of their early development.

I have also found thrill in travelling with an aim to understand the social-economic differences in East Africa. I partner with different Non-Governmental Organisations to do this. It takes a lot of nerve to tell an organisation you are only with them for research but with a proposal that benefits them as well. I got this confidence from the exposure Pestalozzi gave me. I can sit in meeting with people much older than me and discuss big ideas. For example I had an enriching experience working with Team Kenya.
I aim to travel more because it helps me understand the challenges and improvements made in my home country and beyond.

Habiiba with her school
Habiiba with her new school
I really miss everyone I left at Pestalozzi and I hope Spring is as beautiful as I remember it. Good luck to all students and as my best friend used to say, have fun and ace those exams!

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